Booker Project

Antoinette Booker's Story:

After her sons were grown, Antoinette Booker bought a smaller home in 2004 that was just the right size for her. Owning a small home meant she could maintain it, and the fact that it was new meant it would be a long time before a major repair would be needed.

In 2018 Antoinette’s roof began to fail resulting in leaks and, eventually in 2019, a significant hole. She covered it with a tarp and filed a claim with her insurance company. Unfortunately, since the damage was natural wear and tear, her claim was denied. She knew it was essential to at least fix the hole, but she did not have all the money to do so.

To address the immediate need of repairing the hole, Antoinette applied to Habitat McLean County’s A Brush With Kindness (ABWK) program. Her project to repair the hole was accepted and completed in 2019. As a partner family, Antoinette paid for a portion of the roof repair and put in sweat equity hours at the ReStore.

She knew this was just a temporary fix and that she needed to replace the entire roof, so Antoinette did not waste any time submitting her application to ABWK in January 2020.

In March the pandemic and shutdown hit, and Antoinette was praying her roof would hold out until we connected with her again. One fateful day in July 2020 a storm came in while she returned from Chicago with the teenage grandson she was bringing home to live with her. Happy to have made it home safely, they walked into a house with water leaking in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room.

Antoinette shared, “After the storm I was sitting there wondering how I was going to take care of this, when Todd from Habitat McLean County called saying he was in the area and could stop by in 15 minutes. God answered my prayers. Soon I had a new roof that took just two and a half days to complete. The Habitat staff was friendly, answered any questions I had, cleaned up and were very respectful of my yard.”

Antoinette is grateful to Habitat’s ABWK program and loves her new roof. Not only does is she happy to have her home’s safety and soundness restored, she loves the color and how beautiful her house is again. Now, when it rains, she can relax. As she put it, “ABWK was a bright light in a rainy situation. Thank you everyone and continue to do the good work you do!”

Scope of work: New roof and gutters

Persons impacted: 2