Amburgey Family, 2018

Chris has lived in McLean County since a child and Bobbie has lived in the area, on and off, since 2003.   They were married in 2014 and have three kids, Paige,11, Draco, 10 and Sylus, 5.  Chris is a Veteran who served in the US Marine Corps. 


Chris works at Williams Nationalease and Bobbie is a stay at home mom.  Bobbie enjoys reading, watching historical documentaries, spending time with friends and family, and doing cook outs.  Chris enjoys playing video games, playing pool, working on vehicles, spending time with family and friends and doing home projects.  Page enjoys watching movies, going on family outings and painting nails!   Draco likes to play video games, play with nerf guns and ride bikes.  Sylus also enjoys video games, nerf guns and legos.   All three children love playing outside in nice weather and making s’mores on the firepit.


The family has just started attending the Church that Chris and Bobbie were married in, the Stanford Church of God in Stanford, IL. Bobbie says, “Our schedule is centered around the kids.  We are very family oriented and enjoy spending time together.”


Regarding Habitat, she stated, “We will finally have a warm, well insulated home with no major problems!  The kids will finally have space to spread out and play in their rooms.  We are so thankful for this blessing and to learn about building as we put in our sweat equity hours for our home and on other family’s homes.