Bill Waller

Bill Waller

Construction Manager

Bill has worked here since the beginning of time. He likes to build stuff and wear neon-colored shirts. That’s all, sports fans! 

Waller celebrates 22 years with Habitat McLean County, April 9, 2021

Construction manager Bill Waller is the guy who keeps the myriad pieces of a build season organized and the volunteers and homeowners moving seamlessly from job to job. Bill celebrated his 22nd anniversary with Habitat on April 9th! For the past 22 years, he’s shared his experience as a contractor, carpenter, and remodeler with the rest of us to lead the successful completion of 135 new houses. In the affiliate’s 35-year history, we have completed 176 new builds, so Bill has been there for most of them. We’ve rehabbed another 10 houses, for a total of 186 local families who have been empowered to build better futures for themselves and their children.


Although he is affectionately known as “Crabby Bill”, Waller has a heart as big as all outdoors. His passion is for those hardworking families and it’s why he loves what he does. “The families are counting on us,” Bill said. “I love what I’m doing. I love meeting and working with families and I’m thankful to have spent twenty-two years doing it.”


Bill’s position was part time to start – one of the few paid staff at a time when the affiliate was run almost entirely by volunteers. A few years later, the Board of Directors knew they had the perfect person for the job and made Bill the fulltime construction manager. His first Habitat house was in the Partner Place subdivision.


In those days, funds were tight. There wasn’t a regular build schedule, as materials were purchased whenever there was enough money, and building happened whenever there were some materials. Bill put a build schedule in place. The generous support of so many in our community have made it possible to work further out with fundraising, so we don’t start a house until the funding is in place.


Speaking of fundraising, Bill Waller is good at that, too. He’s been involved in a lot of wacky, creative ideas to raise awareness and dollars over the years, including jumping from an airplane for “Falling for Families” which supported Bill’s 100th house. In 2019, he initiated the Heroes of Habitat program to build one house every year in honor of a local hero. The first house was built in honor of Joshua P. Rodgers; in 2021, the house will honor Anthony R. Maddox.

His next goal? His 150th house, of course! The 2021 build season starts this spring – come join us.