Our Programs

Our Programs

Tithe Program

The goal of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is to eliminate poverty housing worldwide. The tithe program was created to give affiliates a way to impact Habitat´s global ministry, in addition to impacting the need in their local communities. Tithing gives us an opportunity to share our resources with developing countries throughout the world, and we are doing work to achieve HFHI's vision to achieve a world where someday, everyone will have a good place to call home.

With the HFHI Tithe program, we donate 10% of our unrestricted income to the construction of Habitat homes in other countries. Habitat for Humanity of McLean County, specifically, tithes to support builds in both Haiti and Nicaragua. Since 1986, we have served over 180 families internationally.

If a donor desires that her/his contribution remain within McLean County, we will not contribute any portion of that donation to our international builds.

No amount of our tithe dollars are used to support administrative or other costs of Habitat for Humanity in the United States. Rather, the tithe donations are sent in their entirety to Haiti and/or Nicaragua. Therefore, when you contribute to Habitat for Humanity McLean County, your donation is actually helping build homes for two families in need of safe, affordable housing – one in McLean County and one in Haiti or Nicaragua.



A Brush with Kindness (ABWK) / Critical Repair (CR)

The ABWK / Critical Repair program helps low-income homeowners who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes, allowing them to reclaim their homes with pride and dignity. This program works in conjunction with our affiliate’s core building program and enables our affiliate to serve more families. Most importantly, ABWK is part of Habitat for Humanity International’s broader community development strategy, the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative(NRI). This strategy was designed to help transform and strengthen communities, so that the residents of all impacted neighborhoods will be able to live and grow into all that God intends for them.

ABWK helps revitalize the appearance of the neighborhood, strengthens connections within the community and preserves affordable housing stock. 

Thinking about Applying for a ABWK Project? Here are some eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must own their home and have homeowner’s insurance.
  • Families must meet income requirements and be able to pay for the project. When needed, our staff is happy to help develop a payment plan with you.
  • All able-bodied family members and residents must work alongside volunteers to earn “sweat equity” hours.
  • When the homeowner is not able to do the physical repair work, other sweat equity hours may be earned through a variety of ways; these must be approved prior to completion.
  • Project may not exceed $5000.
  • Habitat McLean County’s Construction Supervisor will make the final decision whether the project falls within the scope of what our affiliate is able to do.

For more information or with any questions, please contact the office at 309-827-3931.

If you are interested in applying for an ABWK project and meet the criteria listed above,

Click here submit your application today!