Ortolaza-Rios Family

18 Fuller Court, Bloomington

Luis and Evette are from Puerto Rico and have lived in McLean County for six years.

They have been married for twenty years and have two adult children and four grandkids. Luis and Evette are very active members at their church, Iglesia Cristiana de Restauracion (Christian Restoration Church). They also have a passion for translating English to Spanish as needed within the community.  

Evette enjoys making jewelry, cooking and cake decorating. Luis loves reading, playing the piano and flute and also helping Evette make jewelry. The couple says, “We have a black belt in Garage Sales, we are amazing bargain shoppers.”

Luis and Evette say that building with Habitat means security, having their own home and peace of mind. For many years, they have worried about where they were going to live due to unaffordable yearly rent increases at their apartment complex. They are extremely excited and feel very blessed about the Habitat opportunity. They very much look forward to the process of becoming homeowners.   

The Ortolaza-Rios house is sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church.